Monday, May 28, 2012

Summertime... #leggo

Well it's that time of the year again when every college student goes into lazy mode for 90 days! Personally, it couldn't have come sooner. With academic pressures and such, it was good to feel the "ITS DONE!!!" breeze after my last final. This has truly been a year of self discovery, maturing, and just having fun experiencing life. I often wondered about that latter part; was I truly having fun experiencing life? After some self reflection, I came to the conclusion that everything in life happens for a reason, and you just gotta enjoy the ride...rain or sunshine!

NANDOS CHICKEN...nuff said!

With that, I kick start this blog! I hope to keep it updated as often as possible. Being a college student and all, we all know how hard it is to do such things, so just bear with me people. This summer I will be partaking in a development program in Washington, DC, at the Development Program Management Institute. This is my first time dealing in the field of development, and thus makes me nervous for the experiences and weeks to come. After that I will travel, via Paris, to Namibia aka home, where I will enjoy a moderate winter...and reminisce on the December days in lovely Decorah, Iowa....just kidding...I don't miss the cold one bit! Following this, I will drive down to Cape Town, South Africa, for an 8 week internship at the Children's Radio Foundation in downtown Cape Town. I feel that this will be a grand experience not only personally, but professionally as well!

While thinking of ideas as an addition to this blog, I was thinking of taking an interesting photo everyday with my newly purchased Sony camera (happy summer present to, and seeing how it fits in with my day. This idea soon became kinda boring, as I don't think I'll have enough patience to think about all that on a daily basis (thanks junior least you taught me how to prioritize!). Then I thought...since this is going to be an intense summer for me, taking me out of my comfort zone and such, why not play along that theme and do something personally beneficial. Freshman year, I made a resolution to visit 25 states before I graduate, with the purpose of not only seeing the country, but also getting to see what types of people reside in this country. I've come across many types and flavours of people, and thought that since I'm going international this summer, why not continue. Therefore, everyday I intend to meet one new person...initiate a simple conversation...and ask a set of general question (adjusted for each conversation of course) and hope to find similarities and differences between the people I meet and places they come from. I love meeting new people, and I feel this will be a fun way to go about it. All information will be censored for general security, but a good overview of the day will be made.

And with one begins!


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