Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I ordered a SMALL drink, not a litre of Pepsi...eish!

Its Monday, and I'm feeling good! Got a ride into DC today, while blasting PARTY ROCK!!! yeah, I guess that's how we roll! Traffic in DC is not as bad as I thought it would be. Even more surprising is the fact that I could actually navigate myself from home --> class without a GPS. Its sad how dependent we've become on technology. We need GPS's to get home nowadays, we constantly need our phones on us because we can't remember numbers by heart anymore! Interesting!
Anat Cohen Quartet at Sixth and I, DC.

Upon leaving class on Thursday, as I approached the Dupont Circle Metro, I heard my name being called out from behind me. When I looked back, someone was running up to me. I'm from small town Iowa, so I didn't know who would be calling my name from afar. When the person got closer, I saw that it was Amanda Lanzillo. She went to school with me in India, and now was a student at Georgetown University in DC. It was a shock to see her, because I visited DC for spring break, and wanted to visit my friends at Georgetown: Amanda and another friend from Pakistan, Sikander. Sikander was in the area, but Amanda was in Tajikistan. So she had just gotten back from her semester abroad and had just got back to DC. Good times!
Meeting Amanda, randomly, in DC

This past week was DC Jazz Fest week, with some great jazz performances around town. Stephanie, a friend from Namibia, invited me to one of the concerts she was going to, and I was surprised with who the artist was. Her name is Anat Cohen, an inspirational jazz clarinetist and saxophonist from Israel. I stumbled upon her while studying music in India, but found out more about her freshman year! It was a great experience to get to see her live; especially in such a great acoustic space, Sixth and I (a Synagogue). Following that, we went to a place called Clyde, a chilled restaurant in Chinatown. We had Oyster and Wine...living the good life ;) Getting home was quite the trek, as usual, but it was nice to reflect on my love for music. Its been a while since I've played the organ or even sang in art song; but whenever music comes on, it is quite a sensational feeling I cannot describe.

Oysters at Clyde's
Friday started out well, with a relaxed commute to school. It was the last day of our facilitation module, and ended on a pretty good note. I feel like I gained a lot on interpersonal skills, and feel good about myself as an intermediate facilitator! After class, I headed home to change and head back down to Fort Totten Metro Station, where I met a classmate, Naizgi, from Eritrea. He came to pick me up so we could go to a class get-together at another classmate, Ayane's, place! His ride is too cool, so I basically felt like a boss with the windows purposefully rolled down and rolling down the highways. We got to Ayane's house, and were one of the first to arrive. Soon after, the rest arrived! It was such a great night. One of my classmates, Susanne, helped produce the series "Californication". I was just blown away, because that is one of my favorite series! Wonders will never cease :P It was such a great night, and an even better bonding experience. I've gotten close to this group, so even though it will be hard to end the program, I know the connections will last forever!

Nando's in China Town. Its in Chinese... :P

I slept the night over at the Church Hill hotel downtown, and woke up on Saturday around noon. Perfect time for Saturday. Today was an important Euro Cup 2012 match between Germany and Portugal, and some of us were planning to go to a bar down Connecticut Ave., and watch it. Unfortunately I couldn't get in, so I decided to go home. Later on that night I went back down town to visit with friends staying at the Church Hill. It was Pride Fest weekend, and the entire Dupont Circle Park was full of people! I was to meet up with my friends at a restaurant called Vapiano on the other side of Dupont Circle. As I was walking past the park, I got whistled at at least 3 times...I didn't know whether to respond, or just stop and stare....it was super awkward! So I just walked on, smiling. Vapiano was a great restaurant with grand portions, but great food. We stayed here for a while before going back to the hotel for a few beers. It was cool just chilling with people, listening to music, and conversing. It's been a while since I've done that! And that was how the day ended!

Sunday, we planned to see the Italy-Spain game downtown too, but I couldn't do that either. So I stopped over at Nick's place and hung out for a while. Its been a while since I've been to that side of town! We just chilled and went fresh fruit shopping at the Whole Foods in Foggy Bottom area. It is pretty neat how many organic and healthy products they had. It was like an entire 2 floors of healthy-ness! Intense! I headed home shortly after that and remained in my room, trying to type up this blog...which proves to be difficult at times, but I'm committed to doing this! :)

Monday...oh Monday! What a day! Started it off by riding with O'brien to Dupont Circle while blasting Party Rock in the car. That sure woke me up! Class today was interesting as we have a new professor, Evan Bloom, and foreshadows a great rest of the week. We are building up to great goals, and hopefully by the end of the week, all the hard work will pay off! Monday evenings is a night for pick up games, so I made my way to the Sherwood Rec Center near Union Station for an hour of intense futsal. Its great to play soccer again, and hopefully I can revive World XI, an international soccer team at Luther, and play against some clubs. I met up with a friend from Carleton at futsal, and hopefully we can work something out for next year. After this, I dashed to union station to head to Ayane's house, because another classmate, Tyma, was making a fabulous dinner. The menu consisted of Jollof rice, chicken, Tilapia fish and sides. It was quite the feast. With some mojitos to the side, it was quite the perfect Monday to start a week.

I'd like to thank everyone for reading my blog thus far and keeping up with my travels. I love travelling and meeting new people, and being able to share this experience with you is most pleasurable! Be well, and stay well...

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  1. The world isn't as big as it seems...You run into people from all over in that split second of coincidence!