Wednesday, June 27, 2012

To new beginnings…

Saturday was here, and when I woke up, John told me that it was quarter to six….PM! I almost collapsed in bed from disbelief! However, I had to get myself out of bed, as I had to attend my sister Patricia’s birthday party. She and her co-worker share June birthdays, and decided to hold a small get-together. She only invited friends and a few family members and so did her co-worker. I made the guest list I suppose, but I guess it’s just because I’m the last born, and she never partied with me :P. John came with me and we had a BBQ at the party. It was great to eat authentic Namibian BBQ meat again…there’s just something unique about it, even my Ashley and O’Brien who live in DC agree. McDonald’s chicken just doesn’t cut it, not does Red Lobster! It was a merry night of drinks, food and great company! The night ended pretty late, but I had to get back, as I had to pack and head to church in about 6 hours.

Something interesting that I found in a DC metro
My mother woke me up for church and I got ready. I used to wear black and white, but this time I decided to relax and go in a grey sweater and blazer. When I got to church, the choir master told me that during one of the hymns in the service, I was going to sing a solo. I was caught off guard by this, but couldn’t really refuse the offer as I knew the piece very well. It was entitled “Come ye disconsolate”. As I was singing, this piece really spoke to me, as it made me remember that whatever troubles and joys I go through, to always lay it before the Lord. Over the years, I have decreased in my level of religiousness, but I believe that I have been blessed with this life, and for that I thank God.
Table Mountain

After service, I met up with my close church bud, Wilhelm, and went home with home. It’s always a pleasure visiting his home, as his parents are so chilled, which makes for a very enjoyable environment. I caught up with them, and we had lunch: Lamb curry and rice! Will’s mom is the one who taught me to bake, and love doing it from time to time. I also met Sheila, Will’s sister and good friend of mine. It was nice chilling with them for the afternoon, but I had to get back home and finish packing. Yes, I had to pack again after just getting back home. After packing and watching The Karate Kid with my twin nephews, I was off to the bus station with my sister faith. We had to meet the 5:30PM InterCape bus to Cape Town. I was heading down to Cape Town, South Africa, for a 2 month internship at the Children’s Radio Foundation. We got on the bus, and got settled in. I think I have finally caught up on my blog. This bus trip lasts about 22 hours…so the next time you hear from me…it’s going to be from the mother city aka CAPE TOWN! WHOOP WHOOP!

Hope all is well with you, and that you are enjoying the weather where ever you find yourself today J

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