Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Week one...success!

Strolling into sunny Cape Town, all I could see was Table Mountain in the distance and the sun shining as if it was a summer’s day. The 22 hour bus ride to Cape Town seems like it took eternity to do, but was so worth it. My sister, Faith, and I got off at the Cape Town bus station and had to take a moment to regain our bearings. She was just going to be in Cape Town for a week, so she decided to house in a place close to where I was going to stay. We got the Best Western Cape Suites and she dropped my off there: this is going to be my home for the next 2 months. Fortunately one of my roommates, Dylan, didn’t have to go to work today so he was there to “welcome” me. It’s never nice to come to an empty house, so I really appreciated that. Soon after that, the other roommates filed in: Russell, Sydney and Alison respectively. Sydney and Alison are my co-workers  at the Children’s Radio Foundation; Russell and Dylan are doing internships in the area as well; and Sydney, Dylan and Russell go to the Clinton School of Public Service together. Alison and I are the undergrads as she goes to Princeton.
From Right to left: Alison, Sydney, Russell and Dylan

Today was all about relaxing and such, but the ladies had other thoughts. We went to local pub, called “The Shack”, where they knew the owner. It was just my first day out and already I felt like a VIP chilling with the girls! I guess that’s how we roll! The Shack was a pretty cool place, as people go there to chit chat over a drink or two, and sometimes have a game of pool: my kinda scene!  The night was going, and before I knew it, it was 2am! Whoops…time does fly by when you’re having fun! Oh well, cheers to day 1!

Tuesday was my first day at work, and what a day it was. I got to meet the rest of the crew: Yumna, Joan, Maria, Tricia and Mike. I got this internship through Mike, a Luther grad, who got me in touch with the organization and their internship coordinator, Maddie. As of now, all I know is that I will the IT guy in the organization, and will deal with issues such as social media, website maintenance, information management, and coordinating the technical needs of everyone else in the office. It first seemed overwhelming, but as the day went by, it all sunk in and I become more relaxed. I’ll have to give some credit to my internship supervisor, Lesedi, for putting things into perspective for me! We had lunch at this place called Eastern Food Bazaar, and that was intense. It is a block dedicated to Eastern foods, mostly Indian and Chinese. So in honor of one of the greatest chefs I know, Lily, I had to have a Rawa Sada Dosa with a mango lassi! And boy was it as good as it sounds! Heaven-on-earth like effects! And to make it even better, I got to meet up with my good friend Astrid. We went to high school together and hadn’t seen each other since then…so that comes to 5 years! It was really nice to see her again, and after work today we decided to have dinner together. We went to this place called Diaz Tavern, such a Portuguese place with Kizomba music playing in the air. Oh how I missed Southern Africa! With a shot of Stroh Rum, so ended the night!

Eastern Food Bazaar!
Needless to say, it was a tad bit rough waking up the next day, but I still made it! With the help of sunglasses that is, because the sun was shining too bright! I’d like to take this moment to dedicate the song “Sunlight” by Modestep to the dubstep boys back at Luther! That’s how I felt today! LQTM! However, today I met Becca, the 4th intern. She’s a pretty cool gal from San Francisco and goes to Occidental College! I am loving my work place more and more as time went by! We had lunch at a place called Bread, Milk and Honey which is this healthy café type place with great lunches! Sitting at lunch, I informed the girls that we had to find a pub for the important Spain-Portugal Euro Cup game tonight. So tonight we went to this place called the Kimberly Hotel, which according to Dylan is one of the oldest drinking establishments in Cape Town. When we got there, we got ourselves settled in with our seats and draughts. Being the loyal Namibian that I am, I got a Windhoek Lager draught and go fired up to support Spain. As more people filled up the place, conversation was inevitable and I met Wesley. He’s a pretty chilled guy with a real good sense of humor: He was cracking me up! Then we met John, a local lawyer. Reflecting on this moment, I realized that Wesley was a white guy, John and coloured, and me a black. A decade and a half ago, this would have not been possible in Apartheid South Africa, so as we all conversed, we took a moment to acknowledge the amount of fighting that took place for such moments to be possible! What a moment…and with that, Spain win 4-2 on penalties….AAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWW YYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! See you in the final, baby! Alison and I then headed to the Shack and chilled there for a while before heading back. Good times ;)

Wednesday, I was fortunate enough to go on my first outing. Today was also the first time I met Nina, another of my supervisors. She is such a lovely person and treats everyone with respect and compassion! We went to this area called Manenburg and worked with a group of children there. Since it is still school holidays, not a lot of kids showed up to this session, so we just did some energizers, interviewed one another, and talked about issues in their area. It was interesting to hear what the kids had to say, and how they said it! Crime was one of the big issues that was raised, and everyone had something to say about it. It was a humbling experience and also gave me a better insight to what the organization that I’m interning at, the Children’s Radio Foundation, do: empowering children and youth in their communities through radio. By interviewing and talking to people in their communities, they gain a better understanding of their surroundings. A simple yet powerful idea! On Thursday, we did something similar, but with kids from the Ikamva Winter School. This was held on the UCT lower campus with the students from Khayelitscha!

On my way to work everyday, I have to pass this sight!
Friday was a fun day starting off at work. Work was fun, and we had a half day! One of Sydney’s friends, Mark, came to visit and we went to the aquarium at the V&A Waterfront. Later on that night, we came back and rested a bit. We tried to find a bottle store, but to no avail (Lesson learned: get your beverages when the sun is still up, this isn’t America with 24/7 Walmart). After some conversing and chilling, we then went to a place called “Assembly” for some dub step jamming. I stopped by the Kimberly to meet a friend and came back, and met my friends at the shack. It was an intense night, so heading back was most needed! Saturday was a chilled day as I just hung out at home then later hung out with Astrid and Shane for the day and Alison joined later for a braai! It was intense as we bought a ton of meat, and beverages to balance it out as well! What a night! Sunday called for some serious recuperation so I just relaxed at home and watched the soccer game! The final of the Euro Cup 2012 was Spain vs Italy. It started off intense, but then my team, Spain, came through and whooped ass! 4-0 to be exact!

Done with week one…more to come, so keep reading! :) 

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